The request to protect the environment and to find new way of sustainable development, inspires more attention to pollution control and reduction.

Noise pollution contributes, along with other factors, in further reducing the quality of our life. A lot of disturbing activities can be really annoying sources (which sometimes lead to very serious consequences): surface motor vehicles, taking off and landing aircrafts, air conditioning units and industrial activities, loud music coming from discos and nightclubs, people talking or shouting in a pub and so on.

Z Lab intervenes not only to assess compliance with laws and regulations on noise pollution; it provides effective solutions to reduce the noise, without compromising the aspect or design of the treated areas.

Z Lab offers, for example, green soundproof barriers which are extremely attractive both for external and internal environments, in an environmentally friendly way.

We design transparent soundproof and sound absorbing barriers; acoustic objects, boiseries and ceilings, designed and manufactured to satisfy even the most demanding architects.