Noise control and sound insulation of industrial products have become parameters of fundamental importance for the product's realization and use.

Z Lab is capable to support industries in all acoustic problems, through advanced software of predictive acoustic analysis and a long and proven experience in the Railway and Aviation Acoustic Research.

Our reclamation actions, in industrial sector, require the use of advanced diagnostics tools (including the acoustic intensimetry) that they allow us to operate effectively in both passive way around the noise source and in active way intervening on the noise cause.

We design sound-absorbing and sound-insulating acoustic panels for increased insulation and sound absorption in a small space too, like that, we respect the endurance and fire reaction requirements, washability and durability of the products.

Z Lab is the ideal partner for Research and Development projects of new products. Therefore with its Acoustics Laboratory, it is able to characterize and certify the acoustic properties of the products and to perform predictive analysis at the design stage through software. This software simulates the plant noise that it will produce once realized and they allow to take correction action that adversely affects the acoustic performance; in this way they ensure considerable savings on the research and development costs.