Internal acoustics remediation – Restaurant Antica Abbazia

Customer: Restaurant Antica Abbazia

Project: Measurements of reverberation time and planning of the internal acoustics of the restaurant Antica Abbazia’s room.


The activity consists in phonometric tests for the evaluation of the internal reverberation time according to UNI EN ISO 3382-2: Measurement of acoustics parameters of setting – Part 2: Reverberation time in ordinary setting.

Methodologies indicated in the norm allow the evaluation of the reverberation time T60 in the environment (standard that defines the acoustics answer quality of an environment) defined as the time necessary in order that, from the beginning of the temporary resolution, pressure level decreases of 60 dB. The measurement will be done with the answer impulse method; an impulsive source will be used in order to produce a sufficient noise level to guarantee decay bend of at least 35 dB over the noise back.

Following the processing of information obtained, thanks to tests executed according to point A, it will be compile a relation which indicates the type of remediation to effectuate.

We proceed to plan the interventions for the internal acoustics revision of the room until the achievement of referenced noise levels as indicated in the norm UNI EN ISO 11690-1:1998 for locations comparable  to the one in question, of 65 dB (A).

In order to provide a maximal identification about operation’s costs, we will suppose the type of material which can, at the same time, respect technical requirements and also be enough changeable according to your necessity.